What We Develop


What We Develop

As it provides a quick, dependable, and secure environment to manage your data/information, cloud adoption is no longer uncommon in this era of digital transformation. For applications requiring massive amounts of data processing, Amazon Web Services is one of the most flexible cloud alternatives.

Leading provider of cloud solutions, QDev Techonolab offers trustworthy, flexible, and versatile AWS cloud administration. We support businesses and corporate organisations in conveying, migrating, and maintaining their specific requirements for cloud processing and execution. Our team of AWS professionals has successfully learned every AWS cloud option to provide long-term data access.

In order to exceed your company's expectations, we provide industry-specific IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions with Amazon Web Services.


AWS Development Services

We offer the most promising and well-known AWS cloud solutions that will enable you to surpass your company's goals. The AWS solutions we offer are listed below:

  • AWS Cloud Consulting
  • Archiving Applications
  • AWS Block chain Solutions
  • Data Lakes and Data Delivery
  • Database Migrations
  • AWS and IoT Integration
  • AWS and Machine Learning
  • Cloud Automation Services


Benefits of Using AWS

You can choose the web application platform, programming language, operating system, database, and other services you require with AWS. With AWS, you receive a virtual environment into which you may load the necessary applications and services.

  • Ease of Use
  • Incredibly Diverse Array of Tools
  • Unlimited Server Capacity
  • Reliable Encryption & Security
  • Availability of Managed IT Services
  • AWS Offers Flexibility & Affordability

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