You may (and most likely should) wish to devote more time to your business rather than your accounting. Using an accounting software system to handle your cash flow, cost containment, invoicing, and billing will simplify the recording of financial activities. You could easily manage all of your company's financial transactions with a little planning and structure.

Don't only consider your company's existing size and requirements. A cutting-edge financial accounting software must incorporate and support complicated company requirements that have evolved in today's thriving digital age. You also need a system that can scale as your firm grows. Journal360 is a software that provides a plethora of possibilities for handling the business you will have grown in the next few years.

Journal360 is a prominent cloud financial accounting software and application that offers leading accounting solutions that best fulfil the needs of you as well as your customers.

● Managing day-to-day transactions

 As a business owner, you must ensure that you retain possession of all source documents pertaining to customer sales and payments, as well as those pertaining to vendor and supplier purchases, goods received, and checks disbursed. You should also provide secure storage for employee timecards.

➔ Invoices from customers

➔ Check stubs from customers, deposit slips, and teller transactions

➔ Purchase orders

➔ Cheques that were cancelled

➔ Timesheets or timecards

➔ Payroll cheques

 ● Managing monthly transactions

It will be time to assess the results of transactions between you and your customers, suppliers, and staff at the end of each month. When anticipating your cash flow requirements, reviewing your sales or marketing efforts, or projecting your inventory requirements, the Journal360 financial accounting application will consider the following

➔ Bank reconciliation

➔ Check and deposit registers

➔ Accounts receivable report

➔ Accounts payable report

➔ Sales report

➔ Payroll register

➔ Month-end income statement and balance sheet

● Managing yearly transactions

You are ready to analyse the cumulative results for the months you have been in business at the end of the year. In addition to the monthly reports described above, you will want to create your annual financial statements at this stage. These reports summarise your annual results

➔ Income statement

➔ GST Billing

➔ Balance sheet

➔ Statement of cash flow

Journal360 provides a comprehensive, customer-centric perspective of your business on the market's premier financial accounting software. You receive a trusted source of truth with a single customer account record, which helps you streamline your operations and place your customers at the heart of everything you do.

This cloud-based financial accounting software offers accounting components such as multi-currency, worldwide tax, and multi-company accounting capabilities throughout the entire system.

Journal360 software is designed for today's fast-paced and competitive corporate environment. With this software, you can handle your accounting problems quickly and in real time. 


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