Client data is worth its weight in gold for any organisation — but only if it can be organised and used. Customer relationship management software can help with this. It all starts with an organised method, whether you want to inform your customers about a new deal you have on one of your items or you want to secure a set number of new clients inside the month.

You could use spreadsheets to manually record all of your clients' information, but no one wants to do that. It might not even be possible.

Client database software collects all of the information you want to keep track of about a customer and syncs it to a profile in the system. The encounter is logged every time you correspond with that consumer. Inventor is what we call this client information database.


● Sync with Google

      Businesses can boost revenue by finding the most successful marketing channels and making informed decisions to drive more quality leads and sales by combining CRM data with Google Analytics.

● Order management

     The effectiveness and efficiency of sales activities are increased, as is the level of customer service, by a well-structured order management model.

● Inventory control for raw materials

      Raw material tracking is challenging with manual inventory management. Our software notifies you to stock levels - raw materials required for manufacturing as well as manufactured commodities that are currently on hand.

● Calendar management

     Calendar management allows you to engage with customers and individuals while also simplifying meeting and phone arrangements. In a typical B2B scenario, the module assists you in storing information about newly acquired and existing clients so that you can contact with them at the appropriate time.  

● Manageable learning curve

     Another factor to consider is how long it will take you and your team to learn the new customer database software. There is a trade-off between the quantity of functionality and modification options available and what you will use on a daily basis. Inventor does a good job of making it easy to understand and use all its different functionalities.

● Immersive customer data management software

     When you collect information from your customers, they should not notice anything out of the ordinary. In other words, the forms, widgets, and other communication channels you use with CRM database software should be smoothly integrated into the architecture of your site. Inventor helps to coordinate customer satisfaction and lead generating operations within the same system. 

Inventor CRM database software is purpose-built to remove friction, eliminate information silos, and boost efficiency. The days of sifting through pages of out-of-date spreadsheets are over. You can customise your reports, eliminate spreadsheets, and gain insights into the health of your customer base with Zendesk. So you can quickly learn how your current client works—and how you and your support team can improve it.

If the thought of transitioning to customer data management software makes you nervous, don't fret. Inventor software works right out of the box. There's no need for substantial downtime or calling in IT to upgrade your system. Our software solutions integrate effortlessly with your other products and scale readily to meet the needs of your business sales. As a result, Inventor is both simple to set up and engineered to scale with your business. 


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