Elevate is a comprehensive suite of jewellery-related solutions. This tool allows you to manage stock/inventory using bar-code or RFID tags, send marketing or transactional SMS to your buyers, produce customized invoices, track sales, supplier stock and orders, credit or debit notes, other expenses, GST & accounting reports, and much more. 


● RFID Tags/Bar-code

       You can customise the barcode or RFID tags and print them using thermal or laser/ink-jet printers.

● Report on Jewellery Stocks

       With filters, you can view the Available / Less / Most Selling stock list as well as the total wholesale or retail stock from the inventory reports.

● Jewellery Catalogue

        You can search for jewellery stock using photographs or by price range, similar to e-commerce platforms, and also review product details and price quotes.

● Supplier and Karigar

      From the supplier panel, you may send purchase orders, add invoices, allocate orders to the supplier, issue metal, or receive jewellery from the supplier.

● Retail & Wholesale

        Elevate is intended for both retail and wholesale sales. You can make a purchase or sell in big quantities in wholesale stock; you can control retail stock by tags.

● Inventory Visibility in Real Time

       Enjoy real-time, detailed access into important inventory control and supply chain management metrics like as inventory trends, stock on hand, and supplier on-time performance.

● Managing Day-to-Day Activities

       All regular company procedures, such as barcode tagging, payments, invoicing, and receipts, are automated by the jewellery ERP software.

● Simple to Use

        Simple to Use It is really simple to use and does not necessitate any technical knowledge.

● E-invoicing support

        Elevate ensures interoperability in shared invoices, decreases data entry errors, and simplifies GST reconciliations. All invoice processes are streamlined by the software.

        Our jewellery software includes the most recent trends and tools. Owners can use the Elevate jewellery management system to allow customers to search for products with a single click.

It is always easier when Elevate is simply integrated. This jewellery store management software makes it simple to collaborate with other agencies, saving you both time and money.

Elevate is a jewellery management software that aims to help jewellery businesses automate their daily everyday processes. The key advantages that Elevate users can achieve are transparency, better order and time management, time savings, loss tracking, improved efficiency, and inventory visibility. Because of the flexible setup, we can adjust the software to your needs without requiring bespoke development. The system can be hosted on-premise or on the client's private servers.

Our software provides a comprehensive range of software solutions to distributors, manufacturers, and stores. Elevate addresses the needs of the most demanding businesses, regardless of employee count or yearly sales volume.


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